Prehistoric Monuments

Silhouette of Caherconree Promontory Fort

Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry

Caherconree is one of the best known inland promontory forts in Ireland. Its elevation is 600 metres above sea level.

A promontory is a spur of land jutting out into the sea or a spur of high ground extending out from a mountain. It typically drops off steeply to three sides, offering protection against a would-be assailant. The fourth side then has to be defended. A drystone wall fortification is still extant to the north-east (centre picture, visible from this angle as a very slight bulge).

It is likely that this fort was used as a refuge when the people in the area were threatened by an enemy attack.

Most promontory forts are found along the Irish coastline, as at Howth, near Dublin..